It Took Being Heckled By A Chiswick Woman

For Michael McIntyre to discover he’s not so different after all!

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Michael McIntyre


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Like most stand-up comedians, Michael McIntyre has had to build a thick skin against heckling audience members.

However, the Mock The Week panellist whose one man road show has made the heady heights of BBC1, admitted that it was only a question from a Chiswickian that made him pause for thought.

Speaking to The Londonpaper, McIntyre said, "Someone in Chiswick shouted out, 'What's your unique selling point?' It really troubled me.

"I went home and made some notes, I couldn't come up with anything. She was absolutely right. I'm a little bit like everyone."

He added, "In the early days, I'd test [my jokes] out on my sister. I really liked Woody Allen, so all my jokes were Jewish-based one-liners.

"After a while I found myself and it turns out I'm not a small Jewish man."

June 11, 2009