W4 Actor Turns Super Sleuth To Solve Countryside Crime

Chiswick's Neil Dudgeon to replace John Nettles in lead Midsomer Murders role

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Those who love a classic 'Who done it' will be interested to hear that Chiswick actor Neil Dudgeon is to take over from John Nettles in the ITV murder drama Midsomer Murders.

Originally from Yorkshire, Neil is to play DCI John Barnaby, a cousin of the original DCI Tom Barnaby, who also works in the force.

He will appear in tomorrow night’s ITV1 episode (10 February) entitled ‘The Sword of Guillaume’, based in Brighton. Tom Barnaby is despatched to the South Coast and enlists his cousin’s help in solving a crime.

Neil said, "It’s great to be joining such a brilliant and successful series. It’s the kind of television that isn’t on a lot anymore, yet there is still a great appetite for it. I will do my very best to follow in John’s footsteps. He’s a hard act to follow but I’m really looking forward to starting work properly as the new Barnaby in the summer.”

The programme's producer Brian True-May added, “Having worked with Neil Dudgeon twice on Midsomer Murders already, I feel he is the perfect choice. I admire him as an actor and know he will be a wonderful addition to the team and a great ambassador for the series.”

“It will be exciting to get stuck into some juicy murders. I have always enjoyed whodunits and I like the mental exercise of discovering who the culprit is, while along the way you have the great red herrings, the smaller dramas within the bigger ones," said Neil who admitted to some nerves at stepping into John Nettles’ shoes.

Neil has appeared in Midsomer Murders before and is a long-standing fan of the series. “I love sitting down to watch it with a glass of wine and the fire lit. You know you are in for a treat. I just hope I can play my part and that people will continue to enjoy it.”

Neil’s other TV credits include Sorted, Common As Muck and Mrs Bradley Mysteries.

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February 9, 2010