There’s no mystery to locations in latest Jonathan Creek film

Spot scenes from Chiswick in this Sunday's airing of The Judas Tree

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There’s no mystery to some of the locations in the latest Jonathan Creek film - The Judas Tree - on BBC1 this Sunday.

Scenes were shot across Chiswick last year, including inside the Town Hall and outside Sam’s Brasserie with Alan Davies, who plays Creek, and guest star Natalie Walter also filming in the Chiswick Moran Hotel and on the High Road outside. Viewers will see him waiting at the “Cricklewood Road” bus stop, which is actually the stop outside the hotel.

The TV crew also set up their own bus stop for close-up shots in the 90-minute drama.

“We had a bus stop in Chiswick and people did keep coming, standing and waiting for a bus,” said QI star Alan. “Somebody in a fluorescent jacket and a walkie-talkie had to run over. Because when I say to them, ‘This isn’t a bus stop,’ they’re just going to think, ‘It looks like a bus stop to me!’ But if you’ve got a fluorescent jacket and a walkie-talkie it gives you a kind of authority, somehow. So if you want people to move from outside your house, go up to them with a walkie-talkie.”

Actress Sheridan Smith, currently starring in West End stage hit Legally Blonde, again co-stars as investigator Joey Ross.

Jonathan Creek is on BBC1 at 8pm on Sunday April 4th.

March 30, 2010