Sex Pistol Manager Paintings Discovered In Chiswick Loft

Photographs of Malcolm McLaren's works found by his former tutor Barry Martin

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Photographs of art works created by Malcolm McLaren have been discovered in the loft of the Chiswick home belonging to the infamous agent provocateur's former teacher.

Art tutor Barry Martin unearthed the oil paintings that McLaren made during his time at Goldsmiths College.

According to The Telegraph, the seven Kodachrome slides – photographs of McLaren’s final year 'mesmerisingly autobiographical' oil paintings - are the only known documentation of the six or so years he spent in and out of art schools.

It is believed that no art works remain from McLaren’s undergraduate years. In his final tutorial he said he didn’t wish to paint again. Martin recalls seeing a McLaren canvas left to rot outside Goldsmith's art block.

Up until his recent death, McLaren was still creating; producing film shorts and video cut-ups set to music and calling them ‘musical paintings’.

Speaking about his former student, Barry Martin said, "Where he was clever was in using other people to do his bidding without them realising. I didn’t like him much – I didn’t like the manipulation of people’s souls.”

May 19, 2010