Jeremy Vine Stalker Sectioned under Mental Health Act

Sentencing adjourned until Alida O'Reilly is released from hospital

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Jeremy Vine


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A serial stalker who harassed Chiswick resident Jeremy Vine has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

28 year old charity worker Alida O’Reilly was due to appear at Kingston Magistrates' Court in September facing a restraining order but the case was adjourned awaiting psychiatric reports.

The Radio 2 presenter called police after O'Reilly, who changed her name to ‘Jackie Vine’, regularly watched him during his visits to a sandwich bar near the BBC studios.

O'Reilly's comments about the presenter on Twitter became progressively more malicious. One comment believed to have applied to Vine said: ‘I hope he dies soon. The sooner the better. I hope he gets cancer or something.’ Another said: ‘If you see Jeremy Vine knock him out.'

Vine said: "Obviously she has got some serious problems and I hope she sorts them out. It started off being friendly then it got strange and then it got threatening and nasty. I then became aware of what happened at Radio Jackie and realised it could develop into something more serious."

Sentencing has been adjourned until O'Reilly is released from hospital.

October 12, 2010