All Ant and Dec Want Is A Big Bang

TV twosome reveal their secret passion for science

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There can't be much that is out of the reach of Ant and Dec. However the successful pair have revealed that there is one thing they would love - the visit the Big Bang.

Revealing their secret passion for science to fellow TV presenter Professor Brian Cox, Ant and Dec apparently begged him to take them to visit the Big Bang project in Switzerland.

The pair are longing to take a guided tour around the Large Hadron Collider, where particle physicist Brian works.

Speaking to The Sun Professor Brian said: "I was at the Royal Television Society Awards recently and Ant and Dec came up and told me they were big physics fans and wanted to see the LHC.

"I'm going to try to arrange that."

The £4.4billion project aims to recreate the moments after the universe began.

April 8, 2011