From Mona Vale Beach to Chiswick

Josef Brown brings his own brand of dirty dancing to town

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Josef Brown


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Dirty Dancing's snake hipped leading man, Josef Brown has been taken off guard by his new found stardom both on and off the stage.

Hailing from Mona Vale Beach, Sydney, Josef is currently starring as 'Johnny' in Dirty Dancing, the show with the biggest advance ticket sales in London, at some £11million.

But locals may be more interested in the fact that Josef has moved to Chiswick albeit with his wife, and nine month old son Fynn.  However, the wonder that is Chiswick doesn't seem to be quite enough for the homesick Aussie who told an industry insider about a weblink for the webcam that shoots his local beach 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"I get home from the theatre and I can see the beach where we live. It's where we got married and where we take our son. I can check the surf and see people walking on the beach. It's probably a bit sad, but it's amazing you can do it," he said.

No doubt when Josef discovers the 24 hour seven day a week forum, he will feel much more at home!

October 11, 2006