Ex-Chiswick Cop Tops World Indie Chart

Tribute to blues legend Robert Johnson receives international acclaim

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Former Police officer, Paul Thomas, has seen his tribute to Blues legend Robert Johnson take top billing in the World’s Indie Chart.

Paul, who used to live in Chiswick, is perhaps better known for being the only serving officer to have successfully won a case of racial discrimination against the Metropolitan Police Force after taking them to an Industrial Tribunal Court whilst he was a serving officer.

He was awarded compensation and subsequently left the force and emigrated to Israel where he now lives with his wife and their three children.

His Rock Gospel song, “Sold My Soul to the Devil” about the late great legend Robert Johnson reached the top spot in the International Indie Top 40 Chart.

The track, which can be heard at www.gril-songs.com, evoked a response from Robert Johnson's grandson who wrote “I'm Steven Johnson, vice president of The Robert Johnson Blues Foundation and grandson of the late blues icon Robert Johnson. I also happen to be a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I've never believed my grandfather sold his soul to the devil because he (my grandfather) didn't own his soul (God owned it). What I do believe is the hard work and much practice allowed my grandfather to learn his skills on the guitar. Just as Eric Clapton, B.B. King, The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt, and many other great artists that attributes my grandfather music as being the springboard of their success had to practice and still practice some more; my granddad worked hard to obtain his skills.”

Paul Thomas now works at the Royal Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv as a Consular Assistant. A number of his songs have been released on Cd's in Germany, performed by his song-writing partners ex band, 'Guitavio' and a number of Paul's songs are currently being recorded by the German band 'Projekt Lunar', his song 'This Train I Ride' is due for release by NBT records in the USA in October and the film company 'Hell Productions' in Florida will be using Paul's 'We All For Down' in an upcoming film.

November 9, 2006