Chiswick Training Over For Kate Middleton

As royal aides blamed for Prince’s girlfriend pulling out of cross channel charity challenge

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Kate Middleton during training on Thames in Chiswick


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After participating in a demanding training schedule in preparation for a cross channel race, it now appears that Kate Middleton will not be taking part in the charity event.

Photographed on numerous occasions in the banks of the Thames in Chiswick with her ‘Sisterhood’ team mates, Kate has reportedly pulled out of the event with less than two weeks to go.

She joined the 21-strong female crew of a Chinese dragon boat, to raise money for charity, and was due to participate in a race across 21 miles of the Channel from Dover to Cap Griz Nez in France.

The official reason given to her team mates was that she took the decision after fearing that her high-profile presence might jeopardize the safety of the other girls.

However, it has been reported that she was ordered to drop out by royal aides who fear that her continued role would see the race becoming a major media event and has refueled the fires of speculation that her relationship with Prince William is back on.

A Sisterhood rower told a news service "Kate's really miffed. There is no doubt she was leant on. She was our helmsman, very strong and very sporty. It's a huge loss,"

"This has been in the planning for months and the Palace have certainly known about it for three months, so why on earth couldn't they have said something then?" It was always obvious that Kate's involvement was going to attract a lot of attention.

"Instead why couldn't they have given us some advice on how to deal with the media, but no one even spoke to us. Now we've got two and a half weeks to find someone, with which the training is probably impossible,"

Could be the perfect opportunity for a keen oars woman to step into Kate’s shoes.


August 9, 2007