Invisible Bagpipes Save Councillor's Blushes

Burn's Night improvisation by Paul Lynch ensures haggis is properly piped in

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Cllr. Lynch with his invisible pipes


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Chiswick’s avid group of walkers, known as Walkers@W4 held a Burn’s night dinner to raise funds for ‘Breakthrough Breast Cancer’ for their 2007 annual charity event.

The dinner attracted the support of over 100 local residents who attended St. Michael’s Church Hall on Saturday 27th January for an evening of Scottish delights, dinner and Highland dancing.

Party goers enjoyed a menu of Cock-a-Leekie Soup to neeps and tatties galore and watched the Haggis being ceremoniously piped in by local councillor Paul Lynch. But it was when Councillor Lynch found that his pipes had gone dry that he resorted to mimicking the actions of an imaginary piper, sending onlookers into reels of laughter.

As sounds from the Ceilidh drew the evening to a close, carriages were drawn and residents stumbled home having all contributed to helping Walkers@W4 raise a staggering £2500 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer for 2007.

Pat Giles on behalf of the Walkers@W4 said; “It was such a lovely evening with lots of laughter and so much fun. It was inspiring to see local support draw strength for our cause.”

Robin Robinson

February 23, 2007