Charlotte’s Bravery Touches the Hearts of Sunderland

Chiswick Teenager’s Fight to Get Back on Her Feet Inspires Charitable Acts

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Charlotte takes her first steps


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The story of Chiswick teenager Charlotte Robinson’s battle to recover from a life threatening illness has reached the North East.

Charitable souls in Sunderland were so touched by Charlotte's bravery, they have pledged to raise £100,000 to help pay for prosthetic legs and the special care and equipment she needs.

Charlotte, who contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia in May last year, was on a life support machine for two weeks and suffered total liver, gut, lung and kidney failure. Following a second attack of Toxic Shock, Charlotte had to have both her legs amputated from the knee down to prevent further infection.

Since she left hospital in December 2006, her sheer determination to walk again has moved so many who have heard her story including Joe. Part of the technical stage crew at Sunderland's Empire Theatre, Joe told Sunderland Echo "She's absolutely remarkable. Everybody is moved by her tenacity and will to live. She's a very determined girl."

He continued "As a parent, anything happening to your child is dreadful, but when something really dramatic happens it moves a lot of people."

Charlotte has been learning to walk using standard NHS legs, which are metal poles with shoes attached to the bottom. She gets around using a wheelchair and is practising using prosthetic limbs at hospital.

Lesley Smith, sales manager from More Than, another organsation that is getting involved with raising money, is hoping to get as many people as possible to do a sponsored walk in aid of Charlotte. She said, "We wanted to do something for Charlotte after what's happened to her. She doesn't treat herself as if she's a victim. She's thought: 'I'll do it.' She's got that drive in her.

"We also wanted to raise awareness of meningitis. Some people think the symptoms are just spots and don't realise how it affects you."

March 28, 2007