A Happy Ending For Chiswick's Runaway Cygnet

Living with peers at Swan Sanctuary until old enough to have family of its own

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The latest tale in the comings and goings of Chiswick House's swans is one of a run away cygnet.

One of the two remaining cygnets that live on the lake in the grounds went missing on Christmas Day and couldn’t be found.

Richard Sales who voluntarily cares for the swans and other birds in the grounds said, "We got reports on Boxing day that the cygnet had been spotted wandering up and down Park Road.

"It was reported to the police who got in touch with the wonderful Swan Sanctuary and they came to pick it up.

"When we asked if we could have our swan back and the guy there laughed and said if you can pick it out from about 400 juvenile swans – you can!"

He continued "Obviously, that wouldn't have been possible. He also said that it would have been kicked out by the adults in about two months anyway.

"So a happy ending to the story, the cygnet will live with all the young juvenile swans in safety until it mates at some point and forms it’s own family."

During the icy period in early January 2009, two former resident cygnets left the lake presumably to find more inviting waters, a few days later the widowed female also left only return a week later.

She was joined by a new male, dismissing the old adage that swans mate for life, and the one remaining cygnet is theirs.

January 3, 2010