Council Vote to Close Chiswick Day Centre

Campaigners 'shocked and surprised' at decision

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Hounslow Council To Close Chiswick Day Centre

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Supporters of the Chiswick Day Centre have reacted with shock and disappointment after Hounslow Council voted to proceed with the closure of Chiswick Day Centre.

The campaign failed to gain the support of enough Labour Councillors to save the centre although two are reported to have absented themselves from the vote.

Another motion put forward by Cllrs. John Todd and Adrian Lee which stated that the process of closure was flawed was voted down. The motion said that residents, users and carers were materially misled during the consultation process as the documentation mentioned 'reconfiguration of day care services' but said nothing about closure. It is also claimed that attendance figures quoted in Council documents and used to justify closure did not give a fair reflection of demand for the Centre's services.

Cllr. Todd said, "Genuinely shocked and surprised that the LBH administration pursued this closure given the flawed consultation process, the constant campaigning by Laura Ware and users and the objective specified concerns of the Alzheimer's society."

Mary Macleod, MP for the area said she was " extremely disappointed" that the Labour administration had made the decision to close Chiswick Day Centre.

"This is an essential service for the elderly and vulnerable, who we should be protecting, even in a time of austerity.

Hounslow Council now need to urgently address the concerns raised by my constituents about the level of service that those with Alzheimer's and degenerative diseases will now receive from their local authority. Chiswick Day Centre was a lifeline for many families that care for their elderly relatives, in order to give them some crucial rest and recuperation time. This closure could force these elderly people into full time care, which will end up costing the local authority more money. It just does not make sense.” she commented.

Opposition Councillors say that there were ample funds available to keep the centre open. There is a unallocated surplus of £2.22 million from a VAT refund and a loan of £500,000 to Brentford Football Club has just been extended. A grant from the Outer London fund is to be used amongst other things for an eatable flower bed in Brentford and Christmas lights.

Campaigners are now saying that a Judicial Review of the decision is under active consideration.

September 22, 2011