Chiswick residents are being invited to have their say on new conservation areas

At the last Chiswick Area Planning meeting proposals for increased conservation areas were presented to the committee. These plans are now being put out to consultation and residents have been invited by Hounslow Council to express their views by 27 September.

New conservation area called the London Stile and Askew Estates Conservation Area and the Thornyhedge Conservation Area will cover parts of Victorian West Chiswick. Many local residents feel conservation status will be a value weapon in the fight against more office development in the area, particularly the planned Chiswick West tower.

In addition there is a suggested expansion of the existing Turnham Green area.

The larger part of the proposed London Stile and Askew Estates Conservation Area was developed by Adam Askew from the 1860s and by William Tomlinson from the 1870s. The proposed conservation area has an irregular boundary line. Chiswick High Road, or the rear building line of more recent development fronting Chiswick High Road form the northern boundary. It extends in the east to the junction of Stile Hall Gardens and Chiswick High
Road. To the south it is bounded by the railway line until Brooks Road, where Oxford Road South forms the southern boundary. Across the railway (Kew Gardens to Gunnersbury line) the boundary continues along the north side of the A4 to the western boundary, which is the eastern side of Sutton Court Road and Turnham Green Conservation Area.

It is considered that a significant part of the original estate by Tomlinson and Askew is still evident; and the great majority of the estate properties retain their original character. A key component to the quality of this estate is the variety of Victorian properties. Several building
styles are evident, with a magnitude of embellishments, individual characteristics and building dimensions. These were properties for all scales of the Victorian middle class and the estate was one of the earliest in Chiswick. The estate has evolved and later buildings now make an
important contribution to the proposed London Stile and Askew Estates Conservation Area.

The proposed Thorney Hedge Conservation Area was developed by Tomlinson and his son (amongst others) at the turn of the century on land previously owned by Askew. The rear property boundaries to Thorney Hedge Road and Silver Crescent form the north, east and western boundaries to Thorney Hedge Conservation Area. The southern boundary begins at the
southern boundaries of 1 and 2 Thorney Hedge Road and 1 Silver Crescent. It extends across Chiswick High Road taking in 596-592 and 590 (The Sir John Bull Public House) to include numbers 391-425, the rears of which form the main southern boundary to the proposed conservation area.

The proposed Thorney Hedge Conservation Area has the qualities of the London Stile and Askew Estates Conservation Area, within a more compact locality. The tree lined crescent is set back from the Victorian section of the High Road that serves it; and is an unexpected retreat from the more recent development on the northern side of Chiswick High Road. The estate
has not been augmented to any great degree and the completeness and decorative quality of the Victorian and Edwardian buildings is considered an important quality to preserve.

The extensions to Turnham Green Conservation Area include all properties on Walpole Gardens and Arlington Gardens not currently within the Conservation Area and properties on the eastern side of Marlborough Road with the exception of Troubridge Court. The proposed extensions to Turnham Green Conservation Area relate architecturally and historically to the development around the Green. These properties are also part of a view from Turnham Green and are therefore part of the backdrop to this important and historic open space.

Detailed plans are available in Chiswick and Hounslow Libraries.

Those wishing to make representations should send them to:
Mark Price,
Principal Urban Design and Conservation Officer,
Development Control, Civic Centre,
Lampton Road Hounslow,
TW3 4DN,

The deadline for responses is 27 September. For information about the proposed conservation area please telephone Jennie Nolder on 020 8583 4938.

Report on proposed conservation areas - includes detailed report on history of the area (Acrobat Reader required)

September 11, 2002