Air BnB Ignore Reports of Bogus Listings in Bedford Park

American turns up on resident's door step expecting to stay for a month

Air BnB Ignore Reports of Bogus Listings in Bedford Park


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A woman who lives in Bedford Park was surprised to receive a knock on her door this Thursday morning (13 August).

An American man told her that he was the guest that had booked to stay at her home for the next month. The problem was that the property was not listed on Air BnB nor had it ever been.

The address and postcode were checked and the visitor hadn’t got the wrong address. All Colinette Hyatt could do was direct the unfortunate man to a hotel.

When she checked online she saw that her home was indeed listed along with pictures. The host claims to have five properties in the W4 area and has provided photos which don’t appear to match the listings.

Colinette’s husband Rahman says, “One of the properties has a review that says the listing is fraudulent.

“We had the guest show up Thursday morning after arriving from the States. Since then I have reported via my Air BnB account, and my wife has twittered and emailed them to no avail.

“By now Air BnB must have had at least two refund requests for bookings made with this host ( the one that left the review and one from the guy that showed up at our house) but they have still not removed the listing.”

The link was temporarily removed when the couple threatened to call the police but still remains visible online.

There have been a number of reports from a range of countries about bogus listings on Air BnB.

We contact Air BnB for comment but they did not respond.

August 16, 2020


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