Robbery on Turnham Green Terrace leaves man in hospital

Police seek witnesses to vicious attack

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The Police in Chiswick


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A 35 year old man had his rucksack snatched from his hand as walked alone down Turnham Green Terrace.  The incident, which took place on Saturday 25th June at 02.00am, happened as the victim was walking in the direction of the High Road. 

He was approached from behind and his rucksack snatched from him.  He gave chase and was able to retrieve his rucksack.  It was at this point that the suspects turned on him viciously punching him to the ground and repeatedly kicking him.

The suspects made off with a small money pouch the victim had been wearing around his waist containing £1,500 but left the rucksack.

The victim, a British man who had just arrived back from Hong Kong, was able to reach Chiswick Police Station to report the incident before being taken to West Middlesex Hospital where he was kept in for observation due to the severity of his injuries.

Unfortunately there are no descriptions of the suspects however, should you have any information regarding this incident, please contact DC Jo Johnson on 020 8247 5940

June 28, 2005