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On-line registration initiative aimed at reducing cycle crime

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The past few years have seen a steady increase in the number of people using bikes to travel to and from work which, unfortunately, has led to an increase in cycle thefts.  Therefore local Police in conjunction with Community Safety Partnerships are being even more vocal in their support of the Immobilise Campaign.

Immobilise is the largest register of property ownership and associated crime reports in the UK. Supported by Metropolitan Police, Transport For London and 38 UK Police forces, registration is FREE and you can register as many items as you wish.

In Greater London last year approximately 80,000 bikes were stolen. Less than 5% were returned to their owners. Many more were recovered but an owner could not be traced.  Registration increases the chances of having your property returned.

The aim of the scheme is to allow bike owners to register their cycles on a secure website. Tamper evident labels are supplied which contain a unique number. This number, together with the frame number and model of the cycle are registered to deter theft and aid the recovery of stolen cycles. This scheme is completely FREE

It is hoped that many of the major employers within the Borough will encourage their staff to participate. Leaflets explaining the scheme will be available at all Police Stations on the Borough.

Additional information is available from the Crime Prevention Officer on 020 8247 6423

November 25, 2005