Equilibrium Shooting

Rena Salmon Trial Begins At Old Bailey

Rena Salmon

The Old Bailey has heard of the events leading to the tragic shooting of Lorna Stewart in her Equilibrium salon last Autumn. The defendant, Rena Salmon, stands accused of the murder, a charge to which she pleaded not guilty.

The court was told how distraught Mrs Salmon was over her husband’s relationship with Ms Stewart and how traumatised she had become about the impending divorce. It is alleged that she sent a text message by mobile phone to her estranged husband on the day in question telling him to forget about the divorce courts because “events will override the court appearance”.

Floral tributes outside the shop where the shooting occured

The court also were told that she drove 60 miles from her Buckinghamshire home to Chiswick after dropping her daughter at school. Upon entering the Equilibrium salon on the Chiswick High Road she discovered Lorna in the basement and shot her twice at point blank range. She then telephoned her husband and told him "I have shot her, you pushed me to it”.

Officers arrived at the scene and found Ms. Stewart suffering from gunshot wounds, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Armed officers attending the scene arrested Mrs. Salmon who made no attempt to flee.

This, reportedly, was not the first time Mrs Salmon had attacked her husband and his lover. However, the imminent divorce and news of the new couple trying for a baby, apparently pushed Rena Salmon to breaking point.

May 7, 2003

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