Chiswick teenager admits torture

Court hears how Indrit Krasniqi admitted he burned and stabbed Mary-Ann Leneghan

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The jury in the trial of the gang accused of murdering Mary-Ann Leneghan heard how 18 year old Indrit Krasniqi from Chiswick admitted to burning both girls with cigarettes and stabbing them with knives. 

Indrit Krasniqi, a Kosovan refugee who spent time in a children's home and currently lives in Oxford Road North, told his former social worker, Claudette Campbell, how he was part of a gang who abducted and tortured Mary-Ann and her friend in May 2005.

Speaking in court, Ms Campbell told the jury about a telephone call she had received from Krasniqi the day after the abduction and murder took place. 

During the telephone conversation, Krasniqi told his former social worker how he had gone to Reading with 'the boys' to seek revenge for the stabbing of a friend that had occurred there. 

According to Ms Campbell, Krasniqi said "These two girls, we took them to a hotel and we tortured them, cut them with knives and burnt them with cigarettes".  He also told how "one of the girls was put on her knees and shot in the back of her head" but claimed that whilst he was there, he had nothing to do with the shooting.

Co-defendants Michael Johnson, Jamaile Morally, his brother Joshua Morally and Llewellyn Adams all deny the charge of murder, two counts of rape and causing grievous bodily harm with intent as well as the charges of attempted murder, rape and causing grievous bodily harm with intent against Mary-Ann's friend who survived.  However, Joshua Morally, aged 23, has admitted to two counts of kidnap but denies murder, attempted murder, rape and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The trial continues.

February 6, 2006