'Miner' suspected of Chiswick burglary attempt

Intruder on Pyrmont Road had unusual attire

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The Police in Chiswick


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Police are investigating the case of an intruder in a Chiswick home who appeared to be wearing a miner's lamp on his head.

A 45 year old man discovered the intruder in his home on Pyrmont Road on Saturday 29th April at 2340. He victim was upstairs in the house and was surprised to see the door of the room he was in opened and someone with a miner's lamp fitted to the back of his head looking in. The victim chased the suspect downstairs and out of his front door where he was apparently seen by a neighbour

The man, who is described as black and about six feet tall, did not manage to steal anything.

Contact DC Anil Ramday in the Burglary Squad on 020 8247 5940 if you have any information that may be helpful to this enquiry.

May 21, 2006