Police trace stolen mobile through IMEI number

Teenager arrested for possession of stolen goods

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On Wednesday 28th June at 5.45pm a teenager was stopped in Devonshire Road in possession of a mobile phone.

A check on the IMEI number identified it as being stolen in a robbery on 28th March in Whitton Road Hounslow. The outer case had been changed and the phone had been personalised through markings placed on it, however it's true identity remained through the IMEI number.

The teenager was arrested and taken to Shepherd's Bush Police Station and later released on police bail whilst further enquires are carried out.

The IMEI number is essential to any report. This is a unique serial number that identifies the individual handset. Reporting a lost/stolen phone without the IMEI number is like taking a report of a stolen car without taking the registration number. To find your IMEI number dial *#06# keep a record of this number.

DCI Mencner said "This is an excellent example of why Hounslow Police together with the rest of the Met encourage people to record their IMEI numbers or register their mobile phones on such databases as immobilise.com which allows people to register not just their mobile phones but also other items which are of value. In this example a suspect was stopped and the phone easily identified as stolen even though attempts had been made to disguise it."


July 1, 2006