Conman claimed that his car had been towed

Victim approached on Chiswick High Road

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A young man's attempts to be a good Samaritan proved ill-fated when it turned out the person he was trying to help was a conman. The 21 year old was approached on Chiswick High Road on Sunday 21st May at around seven o'clock in the evening by a man who said that his car was in the pound at Hangar Lane and he needed help to get it out.

The victim was asked initially for a loan of £43. They both got in a minicab and set off towards Hanger Lane. More money was taken out of a cash machine by the victim who gave it to the suspect. At the venue the suspect left the scene saying he would return but of course never did.

The victim was taken for £350 in total. The suspect was described as 6’ tall Asian male American accent and was wearing a black hoodie. Any information to the Crime Management Unit on 020 020 8247 6485 .

You are advised never to give money to strangers who are claiming to be stranded unless you are absolutely sure they are genuine. You can direct them to a local police station where a travel warrant can be issued if appropriate.

June 1, 2006