Court Orders Staffs to Be Muzzled

After poodle and owner's vicious mauling

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A court has awarded the owner of a poodle viciously mauled by two Staffordshire Bull Terriers £200 for vet's bill and an muzzling order for her pet's assailants.

The incident happened in January when Chiswick resident Julia Colley was walking her ten year old poodle Belle along Acton Lane. As they approached the petrol garage, two Staffordshire bull terriers ran from across the road and began to attack her dog.

Ms Colley sustained bites to her hand as she attempted to separate the dogs. Belle sustained numerous bite wounds to her neck, ears and shoulder.  

Local residents and a passer-by, who witnessed the incident, came to their aid and managed to separate the dogs.

An eye witness told, “The screams and commotion attracted quite a few people who all tried to help break up the attacking dogs.  Some were cut and injured during this and the poodle was very badly mauled.  The elderly dog was taken to a vet requiring many stitches.” 

He went on to say that “The lady owner of the two dogs told people not to touch her dogs and then tried to walk away into the night.”

Ms Colley would like to express her gratitude to all the members of who took an interest in her case and wished her and Belle well.

March 16, 2007