Teenager Beaten By Gang For IPod

Witnesses Sought To Violent Sutton Court Road Mugging


The Police in Chiswick

A teenager was subjected to a violent attack by a gang of youths as he made his way home from the shops in Grove Park on Saturday (7th July).

The incident happened at 4.10pm after the 18 year old had crossed was heading towards his home in Elmwood Road. As he reached the junction on Sutton Court Road, he was kicked in the back which knocked him forward causing him to stumble knocking the glasses from his face.

The victim, who is extremely short sighted and has no vision without glasses, managed to re-gain his balance and attempted to pick up his glasses which he was just able to do.

He was then subjected to continual kicks and punches from a large group of suspects. The victim told police how he kept his head down to prevent any injury to his face as he tried to get away but somebody, thought to be a gang member, stood in his way.

The victim felt somebody going through his jean pockets and his ipod being removed before he managed to break away and run towards a woman with a push chair.

The victim was unable to give any kind of description due to not having his glasses on and keeping his head down during the attack, but said that the gang was mostly black and mixed race largely wearing hooded tops.

Police are asking for any witnesses to the incident or anyone who has any information to call in confidence Hounslow CID on 0208 247 6160/5940 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

July 10, 2007