Antique Bike Stolen From Shackology

Staff appeal to community for information following second recent theft

The Police in Chiswick

Shackology has once again become the victim of petty theft right on Chiswick High Road.

Upon returning to work last Monday the staff at Shackology found that their antique bike that was securely locked to the side of building had been stolen.

The bike - part of the exterior decoration outside the former Crown & Anchor Building - had been stolen - the bolt fixing it to the wall had been ripped out.

This follows a similar theft last month, when one of the two extremely heavy wrought iron benches were also taken by opportune thieves.

"The staff are hoping that the readers of could possibly give us any information as to the whereabouts of our property." said a staff member.

If you have any information please call Shackology on 0208 995 2607.


November 26, 2007