Spate of Thefts from Cars Prompts Police Caution

Motorists reminded not to leave their valuables on display

The Police in Chiswick

A spate of thefts from cars in Chiswick over the weekend has promted local police to re-issue their warning about leaving valuables on display.

DI Jeff Minns told, “There have a number of thefts from motor vehicles over the weekend in the Chiswick area, about six in total.”

He continued “What is disappointing is the property being stolen, such as handbags and laptop computers. People must understand that thieves do operate in this area, and have done so for long while.

“There have been many operations, some in plain clothes, that local police have run and have been successful in combating this crime and enjoy an overall large reduction in the last 12 months. The local Safer Neighbourhood teams have gone out of their way to stop this crime happening and offering crime prevention advice.

“We also need the help of the local community, which includes not leaving items like handbags and computers in the vehicle. This is only going to attract attention to the car.”


January 9, 2008