A Different View of The Birds and The Bees

After Gunnersbury Triangle is revealed as a hot spot for 'cruising'

Families enjoy pond dipping at nature reserve

Incidents of homophobic abuse can be reported to Hounslow Police in confidence on 0208 247 6160/5940

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The Police in Chiswick

Visitors to Gunnersbury Triangle could get a different view of the birds and the bees after it was revealed that the nature reserve is a hot spot for 'cruising'.

According to the Hounslow Chronicle, nearly 15,000 people have viewed the listing for Gunnersbury Triangle on a website where gay men can find out the best places for 'cottaging' (a term used for gay men who seek to have sex with strangers).

Whilst the newspaper abided with a request from the council not to name the website it case it was used to target gay men in homophobic attacks, it did state that another popular site was 'a Chiswick car park'.

When asked for comment by the newspaper, Chief Inspector Andy Morgan said that 'cottaging' was not a major issue and rarely was a cause for complaint. He said "It's not a crime unless someone says it is. It usually happens late at night in secluded places and between consenting adults."

However one local resident disagrees believing that it is an issue for concern. Writing on the BrentfordTW8.com forum he said, "Having spent time having to clear up the area of Osterley by Windmill lane also, used by the cottaging/ cruising/ dogging fraternity, I say it is. The whole area was full of rubbish old needles and discarded Durex.

"My children, now teenagers, visited the Triangle many times as they grew up and many small children still do. The idea that this is not a problem is wrong, ask anyone doing community service about their experience of clearing up these sites if you doubt the seriousness of this problem."

January 19, 2008