Bus Driver Robbed At Knifepoint

Suspect boarded 190 bus at A316 stop on Chiswick Bridge

The Police in Chiswick

A bus driver was held at knifepoint and robbed whilst at the wheel.

The incident happened on Friday 25th January at 23.00 when the 43 year old driver was travelling northbound along the A316.

There was one passenger already on the bus as the driver approached the 190 bus stop on Chiswick Bridge. Waiting at the stop he noticed a regular passenger, who boarded the bus, and two suspects.

One of the suspects got on the bus and was asked for his pass by the driver. The suspect replied "I haven’t got one, I’ve got no money" and then
pulled out from his jacket a 4 inch knife (handle not seen) and pointed it at the driver.

The drivers plastic screen was up so the suspect leant through into the cab area and grabbed the victim’s wallet car keys from the ledge.

The suspect then ran off the bus and jumped over the fence into the adjacent graveyard. The second suspect was seen running up the A316 and turning left into Staveley Road.

The first suspect is described as a black male aged 16 years wearing a black hooded top, black trousers and was of medium build. The second suspect was also a black male, short black hair, aged 17 years, wearing jogging top and blue jeans and was of small build.

Anyone witnesses or anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Hounslow CID in confidence on 0208 247 6160/5940 or Crime Stoppers 0800 5551111 anonymously quoting crime reference 0501989/08.

January 31, 2008