Chiswick Date Ends In Brutal Murder

Court hears how Kate Beagley was stabbed more than 30 times

The Police in Chiswick

A court has heard how Kate Beagley was stabbed more than 30 times after she went on a date in Chiswick.

The Old Bailey was told how Karl Taylor, who is charged with the 32 year old's murder, went on the date with a carving knife concealed up his sleeve. Taylor claimed that he carried the knife to assist him in stealing her car.

Kate Beagley, a sales manager for British Gas and 27 year old Karl Taylor, a fitness instructor cum football coach, met at a club in Piccadilly in May and arranged a date in Chiswick the following week.

After having a drink together in Chiswick, Miss Beagley drove Taylor to Richmond Hill where they had another drink before walking to a bench overlooking the River Thames. The prosecution told the court "That is where she met her death. Blood was found on the bench and surrounding grass. Relying on what Taylor said to police, he claims they had an argument and he stabbed her in the neck. He then dragged or carried her body to the boot of her car."

Miss Beagley was stabbed in her face and neck 32 times. Her corpse, which was found in wood near Watford, was so badly decomposed because of May’s hot weather; she could only be identified by her DNA.

Karl Taylor denies murder and the trial continues.

February 18, 2008