Chiswick Car Thefts Rise 250% Year on Year

In cases of burglaries during which high value vehicles are stolen

The Police in Chiswick

Burglaries during which high value vehicles are stolen have risen by 250% year on year according to Inspector Jeff Minns.

"There have been a total of 22 offences in the previous 12 weeks," he told "The same 12 week period in 2007 had seven offences, this is a 250% year on year increase for the same period."

Locations vary accross Chiswick but include;
Waldeck Road, Grove Park Terrace, Burlington Road, Barrowgate Road and Grove Park Road.

"Do not leave car keys hanging up near doors, windows etc, as theives are gaining entry and taking keys and vehicle, or using bamboo canes to put through letter boxes, taking keys hanging up near by and then stealing cars. Either way, leaving car keys visible and available, facilitates this type of crime.

"Review exisiting security measures - locks, alarms, security lighting, vehcicle tracking, vehicle parking, both the local authority and Hounslow Police can provide further expert advice depending on the individual circumstances."

Anyone with any information regarding car thefts asked to call Hounslow Police in confidence on 0208 247 6160/5940 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 5551111.

July 13, 2008