Chiswick’s ‘Christ on a Bike’ Receives Suspended Sentence

After being found guilty of causing £1m worth of damage to speed cameras

The Police in Chiswick

Chiswick man Christopher Crowley has received a suspended sentence after being found guilty of causing criminal damage to speed cameras.

Over the past five years, 58 year old Crowley has apparently been responsible for causing around £1m of damage to GATSO cameras belonging to Transport for London.

Nicknamed "Christ on a Bike" because he was born on Christmas day, voluntary worker Crowley initially went on the run failing to appear at Isleworth Crown Court. At the time he had been charged with damaging two cameras however, Police believed he had been much more active.

A spokesperson for the Traffic and Transport Intelligence Unit said, "Over the past four years it has become quite apparent there has been a sustained campaign and whoever has been doing this certainly knows what they are doing."

When arrested, Crowley was found in possession of screw-drivers, pliers, fire-lighters, cigarette lighter which were believed to be for the purpose of criminal damage.

July 15, 2008