Police Caution Wayward Dog Walkers

After Chiswick House Ground's fencing is damaged beyond repair

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The Police in Chiswick

Police have issued a warning to dog owners who exercise their pets in Chiswick House Grounds after a number of fencing panels were damaged beyond repair.

Whilst it is the most extreme to date, this incident is one in a series of cases of criminal damage which Police believe are being carried out by dog walkers.

Inspector Manpreet Bains of Hounslow Police told ChiswickW4.com, "There appear to be a number of dog walkers who resent parts of the park being fenced off."

He went onto to say that there been a number of incidents where dog walkers have gone into the grounds with tools and have dismantled fencing the latest of which included a section of six panels been pushed over and damaged to the extent they had to be replaced.

"There is a serious concern that persons and their dogs entering the fenced off area will get injured. The area has been fenced off to protect the public. People who are damaging the fence are committing a criminal offence, they are also putting the lives of other people especially children in danger as they may unwittingly enter a potentially dangerous area through the broken fence," he added.

Sarah Finch-Crisp, Director of Chiswick House and Gardens Trust said, "January to March 2009 sees the most intensive stage of the restoration of the gardens, hence the closure of parts of the park. The Trust is committed to keeping as much of the park open as is safely possible during the restoration, so that local people can continue visiting and see the works in progress. It is such a shame that a small minority of people are impeding the project and endangering themselves and others. Regretfully, if further damage and unauthorised entry occurs we may be forced to consider closing the gardens at weekends.

We have asked CHOW for comment on this matter and are awaiting their response.

Ins Baines asked anyone who has information about these incidents please call in confidence Hounslow CID 0208 247 6160/5940 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

January 22, 2009