Chiswick Shops Caught Selling Knives to Underage Children

Legal proceedings underway following Police and Trading Standards operation

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The Police in Chiswick

Chiswick shops were tested on their knife sales policies this week during an operation carried out by officers from Turnham Green’s SNT and Hounslow Trading Standards. The operation, timed to coincide with half term week, was designed to see if shops would sell knives to local children.

Two local retailers, who are not yet being named for legal reasons, unfortunately did sell restricted goods to the test purchasers and as a result prosecution proceedings are being considered by Hounslow Trading Standards.

Turnham Green Police have used a number of tactics to prevent and discourage the use or carriage of knives by young people in the area, including search operations, educational talks and high visibility patrols. This operation widened these tactics to ensure retailers in the area did not break the law by selling potential weapons to young people.

PC Clarke from Turnham Green Ward, who led the operation, said, "This was a good example of the council and the police acting together to combat the illegal sale of knives in Chiswick. It is sad that some retailers didn't take their legal responsibilities seriously, but swift action taken by Hounslow Council will help to send the message that there can and will be serious consequences for business that choose to ignore the law."

He continued "Over the last year, no-one in London can have failed to notice the problems that knife crime can cause, especially amongst young people. The local police are working with our partners and the community to keep Chiswick one of the safest areas in West London. We will be conducting further test purchases and search operations over the coming weeks and months."

February 20, 2009