Convincing Con Woman Returns To Chiswick

With 'tragic' tale of how her family has been involved in a car accident

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Convincing Con Woman Returns To Chiswick

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The Police in Chiswick

She's clearly not local or the con woman that is still trying to dupe innocent residents into giving her money so she can be reunited with her parents / husband / child would have known that most of Chiswick is onto her.

According to the most reports, the woman, who appears to be in her early to mid thirties, articulate, well dressed and of Indian origin, was spotted on the Glebe Estate.

Although her story varies slightly, her modus operandi follows the pattern of stopping a stranger in the street, telling them that a member of her family has been involved in a road accident and that she needs money to get to the hospital.

Safer Neighbourhoods Officer Ben Clark told, "We have had officers out in plain clothes trying to see if we can catch her, but without success so far - we will keep trying. If you do see her, dial 999 - we will always be happy to help her out and take her to the hospital if she is genuine. We can also help take her to some alternative accommodation at the police station if she isn't!

"At risk of sounding like a stuck record, I would just reiterate the advice we give about not giving money to cold callers or people with sob stories. If someone is genuinely in need they will be able to attend the police station, it's open 24/7."

If you have any information or you want to know more, please call the Turnham Green Safer Neighbourhood Team on 020 8247 6415.

March 10, 2009