'Lucky' Crime Victim Reunited With Cash

PCSO Gary Wood found £1,000 in property dumped by thieves


The Police in Chiswick

"It's not often the words victim of crime and lucky go together in the same sentence. But the eagle eyes of a patrolling PCSO have reunited one man with a substantial amount of cash he thought was lost for ever." Turnham Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team's PS Ben Clarke told ChiswickW4.com.

On 11th January thieves stole some property from the back seat of a car in Power Road which they rifled through and dumped in a nearby patch of waste ground.

Patrolling the area on Saturday, PCSO Gary Wood found the property and, after checking through it, found an envelope containing £1000 cash inside.

The property has since been restored to a very grateful owner.

PCSO Wood explained, "I include the area on my regular patrols as local residents have called in to say that property is sometimes dumped there. I was very surprised when I found the cash. I suspect the thieves were in a rush or got disturbed and dumped it."

PS Clark added, "It's good that Gary's knowledge of the places frequented by criminals has helped to restore stolen property. However, I would reiterate that to leave anything unsecured in your car, even for a minute, is never a good idea, as this victim has found out to his cost.

"Although he has been reunited with his cash, he still has to sort out his broken car window and there are other items still missing - this crime was something that could have easily been avoided.

"We are awaiting the results of forensic tests on the property to see if we can identify the suspect - I will have great pleasure in telling them about their missed opportunity!"

January 19, 2010