Westie Attacked by Rottweiler On Acton Green Common

Ten year old terrier required emergency surgery after being 'shaken like a rag dog'


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A 10 year old West Highland Terrier was 'shaken like a rag dog' during an attack by a Rottweiler.

Speaking about the incident which happened on Acton Green Common earlier this month, the Westie's owner told ChiswickW4.com that the Rottweiler's owner had said it was a rescue dog and would not hurt the terrier.

"But that sadly was not the case. After grabbing my dog by the neck the Rottweiler shook my dog like a rag dog. Shortly after we managed to separate the two dogs, the woman took her dog off the green on a lead and was nowhere to be seen within a few moments."

She continued, "My Westie survived the attack but required surgery that afternoon."

Following the attack, officers from Southfield Ward SNT met with the terrier's owner to provide advice and support.

Details of the incident have been forwarded to the Park Rangers, local Police officers and Dog Watch members.

PS Helene Holloway said, "If, at the time, a dog is acting dangerously out of control, call 999.
If the incident has already taken place, please contact the Park Rangers on 020 8740 1855 or Southfield Ward Police Team on 020 8721 2946. Full descriptions of the people with the dog, and the dog itself are of great benefit."

Southfield Ward Police run a Dog Watch. If you are a dog owner who lives in or regularly visits Southfield Ward, and would like to become a member, please call 020 8721 2946 or email southfield.snt@met.police.uk.

You can also contact Southfield Ward SNT with information regarding dangerous dogs in their area.

May 19, 2010

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