Police Launch Vehicle Watch Scene

To help reduce the number stolen in the area


Please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team if you require stickers.

Call: 0208 721 2946

Email: southfield.snt@met.police.uk

In an Emergency call 999

For non Emergencies call 0300 123 1212

Confidential Anti -Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321

Crime Stoppers - Anonymous Crime Reporting 0800 555 111

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Ealing Police are launching a vehicle watch scheme to help reduce the number of vehicles stolen in the Borough.

Residents are being supplied with stickers to display, if appropriate, in the rear window of their vehicle to highlight any unusual usage. This will alert the police who can stop the vehicle, when possible, to check that driver is in lawful possession.

Vehicle Watch Overnight (12 - 5am): Vehicles that are not normally used overnight should display an Overnight 12 - 5am sticker. This will alert police officers who can stop and confirm the lawful ownership of any vehicle displaying this sticker that they see being used between these times.

Vehicle Watch 25+ : If your vehicle is not normally driven by anyone under the age of 25 years, then by displaying a 25+ sticker you can alert police officers who can stop and confirm the lawful ownership of any vehicle displaying this sticker that they see being used by a person who appears to be below this age group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My vehicle is not used overnight or by drivers under 25. Can I display both stickers?
A. Yes you can.

Q. What will happen if I display an "Overnight 12-5am" sticker and use the vehicle during this time, will I commit an offence or be arrested?
A. No you won’t. The police officer will simply ask you a few questions to confirm that you are the owner or driving with the owner’s permission. The same is true if a younger person drives the vehicle showing a "25+" sticker.

Q. Will the police keep details of my vehicle if I join the scheme?
A. No. Unlike similar schemes run in the past, the police have no record of people displaying stickers.

It is obviously preferable that the vehicle not be stolen in the first place. It is difficult to steal modern vehicles, which are equipped with immobilisers, without first stealing the keys.

• Look after your car keys - don’t leave them on a hall table where they can be “fished” for through the letter box or in an unattended jacket or bag when at work or leisure.

• Never leave keys in the ignition - for however a short a time paying for petrol, buying a paper, warming up the car etc.

• Consider fitting a “Thatcham” approved electronic immobiliser if the car doesn’t have one.

• Sold Secure test other types of security equipment - steering wheel locks, gearstick / handbrake locks etc

August 2, 2010

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