Unlucky Couple Suffer Burglary then Mugging

Warning issued after theft from ATM outside Chiswick Sainsbury's

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An unlucky couple have been the victims of two crimes within a fortnight in Chiswick. After a break-in at their house on April 29th they were left with only one credit valid credit card as the replacements had failed to arrive by May 11th.

According to a report from Hounslow's Ringmaster service, around midday on the 11th, the husband was using this card at the ATM near Sainsbury’s in Essex Place whilst his wife did the groceries shopping. The money to be withdrawn was to pay the bill.

He noticed two men at the next machine apparently having difficulty. As he was entering his pin, a folded newspaper was thrust in front of his screen from the left by one of the men shouting "no working". The other came in from the victim's right and reached behind the newspaper. He realised he was being mugged and held on to the card but was unable to prevent them making off with the cash.

There was no-one to appeal for help so the victim quickly drew £160 realising the card would have to be cancelled, found his wife in the store explained what happened to her and the security guard. He went straight to the bank who cancelled the card and the manager said that the £200 that had been taken from him would be refunded.

The victim described the culprits (whom he only saw from behind) as being male, eastern European, height about 5ft 11", dark, 30/35 years, wearing blue track suits, one wearing a white cap.

May 18, 2011