New Radio Link to Deter Shop Crime

Turnham Green Terrace shops now have direct line to Police


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Chiswick traders are fighting back against criminals in the run-up to Christmas with a new radio system that gives direct links to police and other retailers. Forty traders have signed up to the Turnham Green Direct Link in the past few weeks in a bid to combat shop-lifting as they face into their busiest trading time of the year.

The system which is already in existence in other cities throughout the UK, provides instant communication between retailers and police and is considered to give a more cohesive approach in tackling crime. The advantage is that businesses can update the police directly about an incident as it happens.

One businesswoman, Pat Devito, of Zecca in Turnham Green, said it was 'reassuring' to have the radio installed as the first line of defence against would-be thieves.

"Even if something is happening at the other end of the street, we will be alerted and we can then take action to safeguard our own shop" she said. "We are quite happy to have the new system installed."

Community support officers are also regularly patrolling and checking that the radio system is working for shop-keepers. It is understood about forty traders have signed up and bought the radios for the direct link.

Meanwhile, local police have warned residents in W4 to be on their guard over the next few weeks as reports of burglaries have increased. The public is being warned not leave valuable items in cars. A recent survey in one local area by volunteer police cadets found twenty cars in one night either had windows open, or doors unlocked, or valuable items such as handbags and satellite navigation kits in full display. The owners of the vehicles were contacted and given advice.

Riverside and Homefields Safer Neighbourhood Team have started preparing for the festive period and have started implementing their crime prevention plan across the wards.

Many residents have received crime prevention literature recently which was delivered and distributed by various Volunteer Police Cadets. Crime prevention advice was given specific to the problems faced in that area. Pedal cycle theft leaflets, operation bumblebee booklets were delivered and useful 'No property left in this vehicle' postcards were left on vehicles to remind owners to lock valuables away and to display the postcard to warn would -be thieves.

'Operation Sentry' is being launched this month by the head warden at Chiswick House Grounds and supported the Safer Neighbourhood Team. The system has been designed to inform local residents of important and urgent events happening in the park or surrounding area. The idea is for residents to be kept aware, keep a look out and to report any sightings to police immediately. Information is sent out by text message by the warden, and residents are told to 'BOLO' (Be on
lookout) followed by the relevant information.

Hounslow Volunteer Police Cadets have launched their second unit at Rivers Academy in Feltham (formally Longford School) to join their sister unit already established at The Green School in Isleworth. Hounslow VPC was launched in Hounslow borough in September 2010 and have 45 established committed young cadets. They are looking for new members to join the Feltham unit.

If you are aged between 14 - 18 years old and are interested in joining, or would like further information on what the VPC is all about then please contact Sergeant Nathan Fane on 020 8247 5900 or e-mail

December 9, 2011

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