All That Glitters Is Not Gold In Chiswick

Two arrests made on High Road over fake jewellery scam


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Police in Chiswick have arrested two men in connection with a ‘ fake jewellery distraction scam.

The scam involves the use of fake jewellery, usually a ring, which is dropped on the pavement. Police said the idea is to distract a member of the public by one of the criminals pretending he has just found a valuable ring. The accomplice then pickpockets the person while his or her attention is distracted.

Police say they were alerted by a vigilant member of the public to the activity and two officers who were patrolling along Chiswick High Road gave chase and caught and arrested two individuals earlier this week.

One had a bag containing a number of fake gold rings. Both men are believed to be from the Edgeware Road area. A third accomplice managed to evade capture.

The ‘distraction’ scam is a variation on a fake jewellery scam which has been reported throughout London.

One Chiswick resident from Eastbury Grove experienced the attempted scam two weeks ago. He was walking near his home when a woman, who was smartly dressed, stopped him and said she had spotted a ring on the ground. She picked it up and tried it on, saying that it did not fit her, and offering it to him, telling him it appeared to be a valuable ring.

She then asked him for £30, saying that she had been the one to spot it first. He declined and walked away.

In other local police news, Operation Big Wing which was conducted throughout London earlier this week resulted in three warrents being executed in Chiswick and four arrests made relating to drugs offences.

A total of 11 warrents were issued across the Borough. There were 343 arrests across the capital.

The operation targeted gang violence, drugs, knife crime, and 'lower level' crimes such as anti-social behaviour and uninsured drivers. The Met Police described it as a major day of coordinated activity to cut crime and disrupt those who cause harm to London’s communities.

March 1, 2013