Smash And Grab At Mercedes In Brentford

Chiswick couple have car stolen during raid


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Hounslow Police are investigating a burglary which occurred at the Mercedes Benz Garage on Lionel Road, Brentford during the evening of 8th April 2013. A Chiswick couple had their car, which was in the service centre at the time, stolen in the robbery.

The couple said they have been told that they will have to claim for their loss on their own insurance.

The police say that at approximately 10.16pm, two individuals were seen on CCTV to force entry into the compound by forcing a chain and lock. The showroom window was then smashed after which time those responsible have taken keys to a customer's Mercedes Estate before making off along the Great West Road towards Hounslow.

Police responded to the call immediately arriving a few minutes later at 10.19pm by which time those responsible had left.

The couple whose car was stolen said they "were surprised to learn that although the car, and the keys, had been in the possession of Mercedes Benz and on the property of Mercedes Benz, it would be their loss and their responsibility to claim on their own insurance, carrying with it all the penalties to their future premiums such a claim would incur."

An investigation into this matter is still ongoing and Police are very keen to hear from anyone who may have witnessed anything on the evening or who may have information about the incident and those responsible.

Please contact Hounslow Police on 0208 247 6659 or alternatively Crime Stoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 11



May 4, 2013