'Non Locals' Victims Of Theft From Motor Vehicles

Police say guests and visitors need to be advised of dangers


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Visitors to Chiswick and 'non locals' are victims of a large proportion of thefts from motor vehicles, the police have said.

In one fortnightly period (21 April-4 May), eighteen instances of theft from motor vehicles was reported in the Homefields ward which includes Chiswick High Road. The area is now a borough 'hot spot' for this type of crime.

A police spokesman said; "Offenders are targeting vehicles with valuables left on display and cars that are left unlocked. Please please remove your possessions from display, and where you can take them with you.

This car had its windows smashed in Netheravon Road last Monday-

"Where possible do not leave valuables on display in your vehicle. Please let any guests or visitors know this information also as a disproportionate number of these types of offences happen to non locals."

One local person said that he believed that 'visitor' cars were targeted because they were the first ones to be parked on parking meters.

"Over three years ago the residents of Merton Avenue were advised not to park on the first car spaces either side of the road because these thieves target the first six cars , smash them with a small crook lock and run away all in the space of three minutes or less."

A slight increase in the number of thefts from customers at cafes, bars, and restaurants and shops was also reported. One victim was targeted near Turnham Green tube station- two males were later arrested in the Woodstock Road area and put in police custody.

Crime Figures for the Homefields ward (21 April 2014 - 4 May 2014) show that there have been 44 crimes recorded in the fortnight, a 29% increase on the 34 crimes in the last reporting period- a significant proportion of crime involved the theft from motor vehicles.

There have been 4 burglaries reported; 2 residential, 2 non-residential.

If you wish to contact the police in this ward get in touch by:

Telephone 020 8247 6415 Email Martin.Sumner@met.police.uk


June 9, 2014