Mystery Over Cemetery 'Shooting' Incident

Helicopter in search for man reported to be firing a gun


Chiswick Man Arrested After Fatal 'Hit And Run'

Woman Robbed At Knifepoint In Her Kitchen

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Police are appealing for information about a man who was seen with what appeared to be a pistol in the cemetery near Corney Road last Sunday (June 8th).

A police spokesman said that just after noon a witness called police stating that they could see a male with a pistol who was firing at an unknown object close to the river near St Nicholas Church.

Several police units were scrambled to the vicinity but no person or weapon were found. The police helicopter was also called to the area to help with the search.

The description given was of a white male, 6ft tall wearing a
mream/white teeshirt and dark jeans, aged about 20 years old.

A local neighbourhood watch co-coordinator approached police (on the day) and was provided with relevant information and this was circulated on behalf of police for locals to be aware.

One local source said that it was possibly a person with an air gun but local people were asked to keep a watch for anything unusual.

Homefields Crime Figures - 19th May - 1st June 2014 - There have been 38 crimes recorded in the fortnight, a 13 % decrease on the 44 crimes in the last reporting period. There have been 4 burglaries reported. 2 residential, 2 non residential.

Theft from motor vehicles - There have been 13 thefts from motor vehicle offences reported. Offenders are still targeting vehicles with valuables left on display and cars that are left unlocked. .

Police say: "We still need to be telling our guests or visitors about the thefts from motor vehicle as non locals are still accounting for a higher number of these offences. However of the last 10 reported 8 were local residents!! Please don’t leave valuables in your car.
These offences are happening at all times of the day and night".


June 15, 2014