Lock Crooks Out Say Local Police

Expensive cars with keyless entry being targeted by thieves


'Spike' In Crimes For Part Of Chiswick

Local Police Take To Twitter

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The Met's Neighbourhood Policing Team has warned Chiswick residents to be wary of the dangers of car theft presented by keyless entry systems. To combat this threat,they recommend getting a steering wheel, or 'crook' lock.

Local police have reported a slight increase in the theft of high-value vehicles using the keyless method. This can involve the use of wireless devices which mimic the key fob used to open cars. The Met advise that investing in a good 'crook lock' for your steering wheel is the best protection against keyless entry theft, as criminals using the method are unable to simply drive away in the car.

In the past week, two such thefts appear to have been prevented in Strand on the Green thanks to a steering wheel lock. A couple of cars in the area had had their windows lowered remotely and appeared to have been accessed by thieves overnight, yet neither car had been driven off. Both of them had a sturdy 'crook' lock in place and the police that this was a major factor in preventing them being stolen.

A police spokesman had these words to say to local residents: "Car crime in Chiswick is on a downward trend and we are keen to maintain this. So, we have two main pieces of advice at the moment, keep your windows closed when you are out to prevent opportunist burglaries and if you have a nice car, please get a good steering wheel lock for it."


August 7, 2014