Watch Out For Counterfeit Notes

The problem with fake £50 notes has resurfaced in Chiswick


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The police have warned the public and shopkeepers to be vigilant about counterfeit £50 notes.

They are searching for a man, aged in his thirties, who has been trying to pass fake notes off in a number of places, including charity shops.

The problem started before Christmas and has now re-emerged in the past week.

A police spokesman said : "All the small shops have been advised and some are now purchasing pens to highlight counterfeits."

Many shops are busy with post-Christmas sales but police are asking staff to take a few extra seconds and double check the notes coming in and being used in exchange for the maximum change possible from a fake note. They are advised to check the watermark and the quality of the paper.

On a positive note, reported crime levels have dropped markedly in the High Road. There have been increased visible patrols in the area lately.


January 2, 2015