'Brazen Bike Theft Attempt' in Chiswick

Jeremy Vine posts film which appears to show thieves checking out motorbikes to steal



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CCTV footage of an apparent attempt steal motorbikes on a residential street in Chiswick has been posted on YouTube by BBC TV presenter Jeremy Vine.

The film shows four men on two motorbikes pull up and looking at motorbikes parked by the road. One man in hi-viz clothing investigates one side of the street whilst two accomplices pull the cover from bikes on the other side.

In the event they appear not to have been interested in the bikes they found or deterred by security measures and drive away after about a minute.

Mr Vine said that film was taken from a house ten doors down the road from where he lives. He described it on Twitter as the 'most brazen attempt to steal motorbikes I have ever seen.'

The incident is believed to have occurred at around 5pm in the morning.

Still from CCTV of apparent attempted bike theft in Chiswick

Still image from CCTV footage of apparent theft attempt

Another incident was brought to the attention of chiswickw4.com where a motorbike was stolen in the underground car park near Gunnersbury tube last Wednesday in the early hours of the morning.

Police say they believe this was done by thieves who are using mopeds to get to and from the crime scenes.

Moped enabled crime is growing both in Chiswick 3and across London and police have seen underground car parks along the A4 in Brentford hit by groups on mopeds who either avoid or damage the barriers to get in and then target cars parked out of view. They also focus on the streets along the High Road and a police operation was mounted last week with uniformed and plain clothes units in an effort to target the criminals.

The moped users make the most of police not being able to pursue them by going over pavements and down alleyways.

Police say they are seizing mopeds when they can and when they find then unattended, but it is a problem they are still seeking a long term resolution to.


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