Youths With Hunting Knife Arrested In Chiswick

Police step up anti-crime campaign as criminals using mopeds target the area


'Brazen Bike Theft Attempt' in Chiswick

£4,000 Stolen From Elderly Woman On E3 Bus

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Police in Chiswick arrested two youths and confiscated a hunting knife, after they were seen acting suspiciously outside Nando's on Chiswick High Road on Wednesday evening.

The youths were taken into custody following a chase in which one attempted to escape by moped, and the second ran off in the direction of Turnham Green tube, where the knife was dropped.

The incident happened between 7-8 pm.


Image from Met Police archive

The spokesman said, "It's very unusual to come across this type of knife in Chiswick and we hope it is an isolated incident. However, I would warn members of the public to be on the alert- if they see people looking into cars and generally acting suspiciously, please dial 999 and do not attempt to deal with the matter themselves - you do not know if the criminals have a weapon."

There has been an increase recently in criminals coming to Chiswick and using mopeds to make a quick getaway after committing crimes, ranging from stealing motorbikes and mopeds, breaking into cars and stealing valuables, house break-ins and mobile phone 'snatches'.

Local police from the Turnham Green apprehended a man on a moped yesterday, chasing him in a van along Sutton Court Road, until they caught up with him when he turned into a side street which turned out to be a dead end . He was found to not have insurance for the vehicle and was arrested.

Earlier this week BBC presenter Jeremy Vine posted a video online of a reported incident on the street where he lives in Chiswick which showed men on mopeds casing the area.

An ongoing police operation is now in operation across Chiswick and surrounding areas with uniformed and plain clothes units in an effort to target the criminals.

Last week a motorbike was stolen in an underground car park in Gunnersbury  in the early hours of the morning. It is believed that four men on mopeds were involved, and that they broke through the security barrier to gain access to the underground car parks.

The police also revealed that there have been similar incidents in underground car parks along the A4 in Brentford where groups on mopeds  either avoid or damage the barriers to get into the car-parks and then target cars parked out of view.

The 'moped-enabled' crime has increased recently in Ealing, Acton, Chiswick and across the borough of Hounslow.

In 2014 Operation Venice was launched to bring down figures for motorbike and moped theft across London with varying success.

The moped users make the most of police not being able to pursue them by going over pavements and down alleyways. Police were issued with new advice last year not to pursue gangs on mopeds because of the potential risk of injury to the public or the criminals- officers were advised to wait for a police helicopter to assist in a chase, except in certain circumstances.

In 2014/2015, there were over 9,900 moped, scooter and motorcycle thefts reported across London, an equivalent of 27 stolen per day - some of these were then used for criminal activity.

January 15, 2016

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