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British Transport Police are investigating an incident in which a Chiswick woman who was travelling with her dog on the District Line claimed she was harassed by a group of boys.

The woman was travelling from Embankment to Turnham Green last Saturday when the incident occurred.

The woman has posted about the incident on our forum

"I was travelling from Embankment to Turnham Green on Saturday evening with my dog. A group of about 8 young boys approximately 10 years old boarded after me and proceeded to harass my dog. When the miaowing noises that they made did not elicit a response, they started shouting and making very loud, deep barking noises. My dog ignored it, as he has been trained to, but was flinching at the noises. They started to stamp their feet close to his head and lunge at him, which he also ignored.

"Unfortunately for us, they alighted at Turnham Green and then ran down the stairs poking their arms over the rail at my dog and continuing with the barking noises. He began to get quite agitated and jumped to avoid being hit. I was concentrating on not falling down the stairs. I waited by the barrier for them to leave and spoke to the member of staff on duty.

"Assuming that they had gone on their way, I then exited and turned left down Turnham Green Terrace only to encounter them by the convenience shop on the other side of the bridge. They resumed their harassment but there were several other people present which I think restricted them.

"Needless to say, apart from a sympathetic glance from a woman sitting opposite us on the train, no one intervened. I was just concentrating on keeping my dog safe and calm and getting home as quickly as possible.

"It was a very unpleasant incident and the BTP and Met are now making further investigations.

"Did anybody on the forum witness this or maybe know anything about the boys and where they went afterwards?"

A spokesperson for British Transport Police said they were investigating the incident which was reported to them by TfL.

February 25, 2017

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