Elderly Man Attacked Outside Convenience Store

Residents living in the Fauconberg Road area express concern about crime


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There have been unconfirmed reports of attacks on people in the Fauconberg Road area in the past week.

Local residents said that outside Budgens at 12.30pm on Monday an elderly neighbour came out of the shop - he was struck on the neck by a woman in her late twenties who was with a gang of people outside the shop.

The police came but it took them 20 minutes as they had to come from Fulham. He is described as okay but rather shaken.

A local resident said: "It is really shocking, there’s been a number of break ins, theft and car crime over the past 18 months but it’s now gone to a whole different level with attacks on people which is very worrying.

"The people carrying out these crimes are probably more than aware that police presence is low in Chiswick now that the station has closed"

She suggested that a petition be launched in Chiswick to reopen the police station - this was suggested by the Lib Dems in Southfield some months ago.

"The police told our neighbour that it is a minimum for 20 minutes for a severity one incident!! 2/3 it is at least an hour.

"I think it’s worth bringing this to peoples attention to make everybody aware that this has happening and to be a little more wary when out and about"

Do you think a petition to reopen the police station would have any impact?

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July 7, 2018

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