Council 'Deny' Disabled Woman Parking Space In Chiswick

Local resident says she was told she could not have a permit to park on street


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A disabled Chiswick resident, who received a Chevalier Medal of Honour last May in Barcelona for charity work, claims that Hounslow Council has discriminated against her in refusing to allow her a disabled parking spot on the street near her home.

Asal Shirazi, who has a rare progressive auto-immune disease, lives in a house in a private gated development near Chiswick High Road.

There are two parking spaces allocated in the development, one for her car, and the second is used by her carer and sometimes by visiting friends/relatives.

However, the mother-of-five, who suffers from a rare and progressive disease called diffused systemic scloraderma, says she now needs a disabled parking space for her 20-year old daughter, who is also registered Disabled.

She has been told by the Trustees of the housing development that there is no further parking space available there and she says the nearest parking space is on the street outside the gates. However this is a CPZ area and a resident's permit would be needed which she cannot obtain because her home is within the private development.

Ms. Sharazi says that she has been told by Hounslow Council that the family is not entitled to a Disabled parking space because their residence is within a private gated development. She says this is discriminatory, and there is nowhere else for her daughter's modified car to park. Neither she nor her daughter can walk for any length, she says.

Management have told the family that they must move the car from within the gated development as they are not allowed to use three car park spaces, she said.

Speaking to from hospital while undergoing chemotherapy treatment to arrest the development of her illness, she said: "As a local resident and road tax payer why should we not have access to a resident parking permit on the public road just because our house is within a gated "privately" managed property?

"The council seems to think we should have fewer privileges as tax payers just because there is a gate to the property. But council tax isn't exempt. ...nor is anything else. 

"We need a disabled parking bay right outside of the gate as neither my daughter nor I can walk. Exceptions can be made depending on circumstances.  But not to be even considered for a bog standard resident parking permit then it really makes no sense. It is prejudice in my opinion."

She says that her illness is progressive, and the stress is not helping her as she spends a lot of time in hospital or is bed bound at home.

Ms. Sharazi received her honour from the Mayor of Barcelona last May for services to the community. Following the diagnosis of her illness, which is believed to be caused by a breakdown in her immune system as a reaction to the environment and stress, she invented a range of skin products to help people with skin reactions to shop bought products.

Cllr Gerald McGregor, who is helping Ms. Shirazi, commented: "It is a complex issue involving both private and public concern .

"Officers of the Council are still working on the issue of disabled parking and one recognises the vulnerability of both mother and daughter in this case.

"The officers have responded to my directions and I hope to be in a position to update all parties about any decisions towards the end of next week."

We have asked Hounslow Council for comment.

October 3, 2016

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